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Ambition 2018

Bart De Smet CEO Ageas

Our Ambition 2018

As a Stakeholder driven insurance company, our success is a reflection of how all stakeholders value their relationship with us over the long term.

As we set out to define Ambition 2018 we considered what we had learned through Vision 2015, what had changed and what might impact Ageas in the future. It was a very natural evolution.

The result of this work and the recommendations that emerged helped map out the road ahead. It is clear what we need to do to be successful and where we need to invest to deliver for our stakeholders.

Partnerships are part of our DNA

We create long term partnerships, collaborating with best in class local partners. This allows us to offer first class insurance propositions, access new markets and customer groups.

Europe and Asia

We look for the right balance between mature markets and growth markets, focusing on Europe and Asia. As such, we aim to invest 25% of the company’s shareholders’ equity in growth markets.

Focus on insurance

We offer our Retail and Business customers a wide variety of insurance products and services to help them to manage, anticipate and insure their risks.

Close to the customer

We meet the demands of our customers, who want simple, convenient and personalised insurance products and services. Staying close to our customers allows us to tailor our offerings to their needs.

Smart synergies

We adopt a disciplined approach to smart synergies, sharing knowledge and implementing innovative ideas across the Group to improve our client offering and ultimately grow our business.


We tailor distribution to the local demands of our customers and create a seamless, integrated and consistent approach to improve the customer experience across all channels. Customers decide what, where, when and how they interact with us.

Well diversified portfolio

We offer products that appeal most to our customers and where we believe we can make a difference. We will continue to grow in Non-Life and core protection products in Life with tailored customer solutions.

11-13% return on equity

To achieve a minimum return on Equity in insurance between 11% and 13%.

Life operating margin guaranteed 85-90 bps / Unit-linked 40-45 bps

To be efficient in Life with an operating margin of 85-90 bps for guaranteed products and 40-45 bps for Unit-linked products.

40-50% Dividend range

To pay out 40 to 50% of the Insurance net profit as a dividend

<97% combined ratio non-life

To be efficient in Non-Life with a combined ratio below 97%

Solvency II ratio 175%

To target a Solvency II Insurance ratio of 175%

As Ambition 2018 is coming to an end, we have announced our new strategy for 2019-2021: Connect21