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AG Insurance employees for MOVE4Cancer fundraiser

Impacting Positively our community

We actively engage with our employees around the world to create the best possible environment and help them to achieve their personal ambitions. We contribute to the well-being of our customers at critical stages in their life, providing them with peace of mind when they need it most.

When Ageas puts down its roots in a market, it’s doing more than just establishing a physical business presence. We are setting up a home. As an international insurer we believe wherever we operate and reside in the world we have a duty of responsibility towards every stakeholder.

Some call it CSR; we think of it as “Responsible Entrepreneurship”. Put simply, it is about making a difference by creating long-term sustainable solutions around the issues that matter most locally. It is about helping to create opportunities for people and businesses to grow and flourish; improving the quality of life of those we impact through our presence. Each market is unique however and Responsible Entrepreneurship can be interpreted in many different forms.