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In this fast-changing world, there is growing pressure and urgency across all layers of society to respond and find solutions to the societal challenges facing the world. Consequently, ESG and sustainability are increasingly becoming a central strategic focus for both corporates and investors. As an international insurance group we can make an important contribution in addressing the risks but also in stimulating innovation and collaboration between different parties both within our group and in broader society.

As an insurance company, Ageas is at the heart of society and present in the lives of many. Read more about Corporate Sustainability at Ageas.


Ageas provides customers with peace of mind when they need it the most. And for most people around the globe, there is increasing focus on the Earth’s natural life-support systems.

Starting from our experience as an insurer, but also as a significant investor, we are helping to accelerate innovative solutions that contribute to a more durable environment.

We are playing our part in taking care of the earth for our children, grandchildren and future generations.

Our actions cover the different aspects of our business:

  • We provide our customers solutions to mitigate risks, also environmental risks.

  • We take ESG aspects into account in our investments, support the transition to a low carbon economy and are a signatory to PRI.

  • We address climate change in our risk management. TCFD recommendations will guide us further in our risk assessment process.

  • We reduce our environmental footprint.

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The 4 values of the Connect21 strategy


Our employees are the core of our success! Every day Ageas works to be a future-proof employer, taking our employees on an exciting journey.

Our values, launched in the context of Connect21, mirror the key priorities of the new strategy.  

They reflect also a commitment by our people on the way they want to deliver on the promises made to stakeholders.

We focus on:

  • Our employees’ health & well-being

  • Continuous learning to be prepared for the future

  • Diversity and inclusion (also see the recent statement of our CEO)


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We believe that a strong culture of corporate governance and ethical behavior is fundamental to the way we do business. This is reflected in the way we are organised, our robust risk and compliance management underpinned by strong integrity.

Our organisation

The Board pursues sustainable value creation by Ageas, by setting the Company’s strategy, putting in place effective, responsible and ethical leadership and monitoring the Company’s performance. To achieve this, the Board adopts an inclusive approach that balances the legitimate interests and expectations of not only the shareholders but ALL stakeholders.  

The Board decides on corporate governance matters such as the Company’s policies including ESG related policies. The Nomination & Corporate Governance Committee provides recommendations to the Board on governance issues, the appointment of Board Members and Executive or Management Committee Members, succession, talent development initiatives and programmes designed to promote diversity in leadership and ESG related matters. The Executive Committee is responsible for implementing the ESG related policies established by the Board. 

Under the leadership of the CEO office, a network of ESG ambassadors has been created with representatives from each of the relevant operating entities, ensuring a well-diversified set of skills and experience.

This network is working among others on:

  • Translation and deployment of the chosen set of UN SDGs within their organisation

  • Enrichment of the set of financial and non-financial performance indicators that measure our commitments towards stakeholders

  • More effective public disclosures that reflect how stakeholder engagement is being implemented within the organization and

  • Follow-up or changes to relevant international or national regulation, recommendations or voluntary initiatives.


Integrity, the ultimate value

Integrity is above all an attitude, a way of thinking, a reference value. All the rules of the world are worthless if they are not underpinned by the conviction that integrity is fundamental. The tone is set at the top since the Board of Directors clearly states that integrity must be promoted and supported throughout the Ageas group. It is the role of Compliance to ensure that this cardinal virtue is respected and maintained by everyone in the company.

One of Ageas's mother policies is the Integrity Policy, which describes the principles as well as various concrete domains in which integrity should be implemented. Other fundamental aspects of ethical behavior such as conflict of interest, fit and proper, anti-bribery and corruption, data and asset protection, personal transactions, prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing, and whistleblowing are specifically addressed through dedicated policies.

Whether the incentive starts with the regulators, the Board or our personal conscience, within Ageas integrity is cultivated to ensure the right reflexes and the highest standards. For this reason, a clear focus is set on Conduct and Culture, supported by training and awareness initiatives.

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