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Corporate Sustainability

As an insurance company, Ageas is at the heart of society and present in the lives of many.

Wherever we operate, we therefore reflect on the best way to respond to societal themes such as ageing population, health, mobility, and climate change, in order to be relevant and create value for all our stakeholders now and in the future.

To put this engagement or ‘corporate sustainability’ as we call it, into practice, Ageas commits to deliver on a number of pledges towards each of its stakeholder groups when taking business decisions. 

Bart De Smet Chairman of the Board of Directors

It’s my belief...

...that a company’s role is to create long term societal value in conjunction with economic value, not because it’s trendy but out of a conviction that it’s the right thing to do.

In the context of Connect21 Ageas committed to adhering to the entire set of UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

Based on a detailed mapping of its current products and investments and its core competences, Ageas has chosen to actively work around 10 out of the 17.

Read Bart's Statement on relation with the Covid-19 pandemic

Specifically related to its investments, Ageas also underwrote the UN Principles of Responsible Investment(PRI).

*This transparency report is the report submitted to UN PRI. This report will be available on UN PRI website as from July 2020 after validation checks performed by UN PRI.

In a fast-changing world, Ageas aims to respond to the societal challenges like climate, health or ageing. In its strategic plan Connect21, it embraces firmly a broader stakeholder approach. Implementing this impacts every aspect of the company as this short trailer illustrates.