Building a sustainable home solution with a little help from LIVO!

Grupo Ageas Portugal believes that making a home the best place in the world as defined by the homeowner is the key to a happy life. 

“Livo” was a concept born from the intersection of two words “vivo” (alive) and “live”: a trusted and loved home ecosystem platform that delivers premium products and personalised services. Through this new home ecosystem, Grupo Ageas Portugal collaborates with customers step by step to create the home that customers dream of. One that is both energy efficient, but also maintained by the best experts in home services and solutions at an affordable price. Delivering solutions in a sustainable way and accessible through a simple digital experience is also a key feature. It increasingly matters to customers, so it matters also to us.  

The launch of a true home ecosystem 

Very few homes in Portugal are truly energy efficient which makes them unfit for purpose during times of extreme heat but also during periods when temperature drops. That is the reality. Not surprisingly therefore the Livo journey began with a special focus on energy efficient windows, but this went beyond pure aesthetics. Considerations like temperature control, noise suppression, energy bill savings, security improvements were all notable features. But this was only ever a starting point. The goal is to grow over time, providing a comprehensive range of home solutions and services leveraging the expertise of home advisors in a consulting role, while accessing discounts and offers on insurances and introducing partners who can offer complementary home improvement or maintenance solutions, Livo certified.  

Specialist home advisors help customers to find the best solution including helping customers work through what can be a hugely complex and cumbersome process when applying for potential support grants. These advisors are there every step of the way online and personally to ensure everything delivered is beyond expectations.  

From a starting point of energy efficient windows…the door is now open to a broader set of solutions based on a portfolio of services – a true home ecosystem which responds to personal and environmental needs which on a broader scale, results in more sustainable communities.

Check out the LIVO website to learn more.