Structure overview by type*
  • BlackRock, Inc.
  • Ageas
  • FPIM
  • Fosun
  • Identified retail Investors
  • Identified institutional investors
  • Other investors
Institutional Share by Geography**
  • United Kingdom (25.1%)
  • United States (27.3%)
  • Belgium (7.9%)
  • Hong-Kong (9%)
  • France (6.6%)
  • Rest of Europe (17.6%)
  • Rest of World (6.5%)

(*) Based on number of outstanding shares as at 31/12/2021 and on last notifications received. "Identified retail" and "Identified institutional" investors estimated by NasdaqOMX.





(**) "Institutional Share by Geography" estimated by NasdaqOMX.





Transparency requirements


I. Issued capital

(subscribed capital/ paid up capital and called-up capital)

Situation on 17/05/2023

1,502,364,272.60 EUR

II. Voting rights attached to voting securities

      1. Shares with voting rights

      2. FRESH*

      3. CASHES*






* these Ageas shares are:
- included in net equity and related to securities which were not included in the calculation of the dividend and earnings per share
- related to hybrid bonds issued by Ageasfinlux S.A. respectively BNP Paribas Fortis SA/NV (formerly Fortis Bank) which are exchangeable into Ageas shares
- only entitled to dividend and to vote as from the effective exchange of the bonds
III. Denominator
(Total number of voting rights, on which basis the percentage of participation must be calculated that could lead to notification)

IV. Additional data

Ageas shares potentially to be issued resulting from options



V. Statutory/legal thresholds 3%

VI. Notifications of an interest in Ageas

      1. Principe

Shareholders with an interest of 3% or 5% or a multiple of 5% in Ageas’s capital are required under Belgian law and under the articles of association of ageas SA/NV, the Belgian parent company of the group, to notify:

Determination of whether a threshold has been exceeded should be based on the total number of voting rights specified under Section III.

      2. Main shareholders (above the statutory threshold of 3% - stake as mentioned in latest official notification)

  • Fosun: 10.01%
  • BlackRock, Inc.: 6.59%
  • FPIM-SFPI: 6.33%
      3. Notifications received from 1 September 2008 (see below)



Date of notification Date of reason of the notification Shareholder(s) Percentage of total voting rights on date of notification Reason More info
ageas SA/NV
Acquisition or disposal of voting securities or voting rights Acquisition or disposal of voting...