AG helps support volunteer healthcare workers in fight against Coronavirus

AG is covering for free everyone who spontaneously presents themselves in healthcare institutions and hospitals to give a helping hand in their fight to stop the coronavirus.

Medicine students, teachers or retired health care providers have all applied in recent weeks to help in hospitals, residential care centres and other health care facilities. They receive automatic and free accident insurance and civil liability coverage from AG.

”It is heartwarming that so many people are volunteering and we want to support that wave of solidarity.” 
- AG

AG also adjusts its hospitalisation insurance. In normal circumstances, AG pays the costs incurred by a patient for one to two months for admission. However, because non-urgent interventions have now been postponed, it will cover all costs between now and the admission for people who have already planned their hospitalisation.

"This is why I am also truly proud of what our entities are doing locally to be the 'supporter of the lives' of our stakeholders in these tough times." 
- Bart De Smet