Ageas and ColorADD launch app for the colour blind

The Ageas Foundation in Portugal joined forces with ColorADD to launch an innovative new app which allows colour blind users to identify the colours of objects through the camera of a mobile device. This app can be downloaded for free on iOS and Android devices, in English and Portuguese. 

Ageas Portugal is the only insurance company worldwide to adopt the ColorADD colour coding in its communications. ColorADD is a colour identification system, a universal language that represents the three primary colours through graphic symbols. The new colour identification app plays a vital role whenever colour is used for identification and orientation purposes or just to make choices. 

In a world where 90% of communication is done through colour, it is estimated that some 350 million colour blind people are discriminated against, relying on others for support. This can substantially restrict their daily lives, and so many of the things we take for granted, whether in a social or professional setting.   

Ageas Portugal has enjoyed a long-standing partnership with ColorADD based on its belief that communications and language should be as inclusive as possible. As a Group, Ageas believes strongly in inclusion at every level, and this initiative is indicative of this.  

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