Ageas connects with AI 4 BELGIUM


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a hot topic. So what new technologies can we expect in the coming years? What place will AI occupy in our living and working environment? How can we prepare for these changes in Belgium? ‘AI 4 Belgium’ put together a team of experts to address these types of questions. Georges Theys, expert in Data Analytics and AI at Ageas, was there!

What is AI 4 Belgium?

Georges Theys: "The AI 4 Belgium coalition is a think tank that brings together around forty people from different backgrounds: Belgian private companies and government agencies to leading technology companies, research institutes and start-ups. The aim is to gain an insight into the impact that artificial intelligence can have on our lives and those of our children. We formulated action points that will enable future AI applications to be integrated into our society in a worthwhile way. We have placed this into a Belgian AI strategy context so that policy makers can use this to help them get down to work.”

    Why is Ageas participating in the AI 4 Belgium coalition and what was your role in the project?

    Georges Theys: "As a Belgian company, we believe it’s important that we contribute to the debate on issues such as AI given the fundamental impact this will have on society. And of course, the issue of technological innovation is also of great concern to Ageas. Through our long-term vision "Think 2030" we are looking to the future at how new technologies will influence the way we work within Ageas and how we will interact with our customers in the future. For example, AI solutions that can use smart algorithms to quickly analyse images from car accident claims to determine which parts of the car need to be repaired. Based on my know-how, I was asked to lead a project group for AI 4 Belgium on the theme "Skills & Society".

    What was your experience of participating in AI 4 Belgium?

    Georges Theys: "The initiative created a healthy cross-pollination of ideas between the participants. We expect that the AI 4 Belgium report will further stimulate the public debate on AI in our country. And its content will undoubtedly also feed Ageas's ongoing reflections on technological innovation. To be continued!"

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