Ageas official partner of European Women on Boards (EWoB)

Ageas is proud to announce it has become an official partner of European Women on Boards (EWoB). EWoB’s mission is to advocate for gender diversity in boards, to disseminate good practices on corporate governance policies and measures which favour gender diversity, to contribute to the development and empowerment of women who are candidates for board positions and to make an insightful and valuable contribution to European policy debates on measures to foster gender equality in decision making.

We are very happy to have concluded this partnership, because at Ageas we see diversity – in all its forms – as an essential condition for being prepared as a business to face the challenges of the future, with gender diversity being one important aspect of it. We are certainly not yet perfect in this area, but we acknowledge this and try to do better every day. By becoming a partner of EWoB we hope to encourage everyone to embrace diversity - and gender diversity in particular.

If you want to know more about EWoB, you can visit their website.