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Ageas partners with eBaoTech to leverage its Digital platforms’ strategy


Ageas partners with eBaoTech to leverage its Digital platforms’ strategy

As part of its Impact24 strategy, Ageas set out its ambition to pursue opportunities for Growth through active participation in ecosystems and the platform economy, embracing the opportunities that are emerging from increased digitisation.

In this context, Ageas has chosen to partner with eBaoTech Corporation (eBaoTech), a global digital solution provider for the insurance industry, and to build on its InsureMO® platform for the Group’s digital transformation.

Pursuing new opportunities for growth

While Ageas continues to invest in its physical distribution including bancassurance, brokers and agents, it also recognises that new roads to connect with customers are being developed, with a demand for new types of products and covers. Ageas intends to play a part in this cross market and cross sector development, meaning that it looks to invest in new partnerships that allow the Group to leverage the strengths of Digital platforms and Ecosystems.

Ageas has a track record of reaping the benefit of partnerships around the world. It is part of Ageas’s DNA and puts the Group in a strong position to also engage with the next-gen players who provide new capabilities and scale access to new pools of customers and growth.

The right fit to leverage the strengths of Digital platforms and Ecosystems

The partnership with eBaoTech, an existing technology partner for several of Ageas’s operating entities for more than 10 years, brings us product and systems agility, leading to shortened time-to-market, and scalability supporting Ageas’s digital initiatives both in Europe and Asia with assets and products that are reusable across borders allowing us to offer the products and services our customers expect from us.

  “Impact24 is a long-term sustainable growth strategy. The choices and investments we make are not just for the next three years but for the years that follow on through 2030 and beyond. This new partnership is a stepping-stone towards where we see ourselves in the future: tapping into long-term opportunities and investments in “new growth engines” that complement our current strengths, adding new capabilities along the way.”

Hans De Cuyper, CEO Ageas