Press release

Ageas presents its new three-year strategic plan: Impact24

Today, Ageas communicates its next 3-year strategic plan, Impact24, for the period 2022-2024. Impact24 is a long-term sustainable growth strategy that builds on the Group’s unique footprint in Europe and Asia and the tangible achievements of the current plan Connect21.

Over the past 3 years Ageas has been delivering well against the Connect21 strategic choices, values, and financial targets.  As we move into a new strategic cycle, that performance allows the Group to consider new growth opportunities, supported by a strong company culture, proven capital and risk management discipline, a robust balance sheet, a future oriented management team and highly committed employees.

Impact24 also signals the start of the next chapter for Ageas under the leadership of new CEO Hans De Cuyper, building on the strong legacy left by his predecessor Bart De Smet.  In fact, it is the success of choices made in the past that provides us with a strong platform for future growth. In developing Impact24, we continue to recognise the benefit of the geographical spread of our business and our well-diversified and well-balanced portfolio, and the resilience this brings to the Group.

CEO Hans De Cuyper commented: “In announcing Impact24, we are marking the next stage of our development as a Group, building from a place of strength and sustained performance.  Ultimately, we are making choices and investments for the long-term not just the next three years.  It is the strength of our Core business that gives us the confidence and capacity to invest in future growth and a higher ambition. We know we can do even more.  But we don’t just care about what we do but also how we do it.  So, sustainability sits at the heart of our business model. It will impact on the way we design our products, the investments we make, our long-term partnerships, and the environment we want to create for our people to grow.  Ultimately, we want to deliver a sustainable shareholder return.  2024 is a milestone year for Ageas. It marks the conclusion of the Impact24 plan but also a milestone in our history as we celebrate 200 years as an insurer.  Impact24 allows us to reflect on the past 200 years but also to take action today that will impact on our future.”