Ageas supports KU Leuven in its search for a vaccine and effective treatment against COVID-19

Scientists around the world are racing to find the best drugs and protocols to treat and cure COVID-19 patients. Together with its Belgian subsidiary AG, Ageas supports the research conducted by KU Leuven’s internationally renowned Rega Institute (Belgium) for an amount of EUR 750,000. In this way, Ageas is making a tangible, socially responsible contribution to the fight against this pandemic.

The Rega Institute, which is affiliated with KU Leuven and is one of the world leading institutions in virus research, is one of the many scientific institutions that have initiated research to find solutions against the coronavirus. The research led by Professor Johan Neyts focuses on the development of an appropriate vaccine and on the identification of existing drugs that can help to inhibit the virus and thus treat infected patients.

Professor Johan Neyts: “I am very grateful to Ageas and AG for their generous support, which will enable us to continue our research with even greater effectiveness. The global scale of the pandemic and the ever-increasing number of infections make it more necessary than ever for scientists, the government and the business world to join forces. I am hopeful that companies of the size of Ageas and AG will share that conviction that we will eventually be able to win the fight against this and possibly other viruses. ”

Bart De Smet, CEO of Ageas: "Social responsibility is part of Ageas's DNA, as is working together with first-class partners who are experts in their field. As a consequence we did not hesitate to lend our support to the Rega Institute and KU Leuven We express our sincere condolences to the families of loved ones who have unfortunately lost their fight against Covid-19 and we thank everyone who continues to show compassion and thoughtfulness to those most vulnerable in society

Hans De Cuyper, CEO of AG: "As an important player in Belgian society, we are very pleased that we can support a Belgian institution with the international name and reputation of the Rega Institute in their all-important work. We are facing the worst pandemic of the past 100 years with an enormous impact on the lives of everyone.  By supporting this fundamental research, we want to make a meaningful contribution to a rapid recovery both socially and economically.”