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At times like these...

At times like these we see the very best of human nature emerge

We are living in tough times. The coronavirus took humanity by surprise, and the speed at which it has spread around the world has been breathtaking. This creates a lot of anxiety and a lot of uncertainty for everyone.

But if there is a positive to take from this situation, it is the remarkable human response we have seen from so many; the heroes who work in our health services around the clock - doctors, nurses and other experts who are on the front line, and to whom we owe a massive thank you.

But also ordinary people showing such kindness and compassion particularly towards those most vulnerable in society. Some refer to it as a war-time spirit. I prefer to believe that at times like these we naturally see the very best of human nature emerge. All of our employees, customers, partners, investors and society are impacted by this pandemic. Never has “Supporter of your life” had more meaning. Therefore I am really proud of the several initiatives emerging from our local companies to give additional support to our stakeholders in these difficult times.

Bart De Smet

Initiatives emerging from our local companies