Focus on talent, equality, and diversity

European Women on Boards actively promotes gender equality at the board and executive management level. Today, the organisation published its annual Gender Diversity Index*, which provides insight into gender diversity in the boardrooms and management of companies.

Ageas achieved a good score and made a strong leap forward. This evolution does not just happen overnight. It is the result of a conscious policy by the Group to focus on gender equality and diversity giving space to potential talent and encouraging people to take on leadership roles.

The appointments in 2021 of Heidi Delobelle and Gilke Eeckhoudt respectively as CEO of the Belgian operations and as Chief Development and Sustainability Officer (CDSO), a newly created function within the Management Committee to implement the new strategic plan Impact24, are a good example of this.

Within Impact24, the Group's role in society occupies a prominent position, with, among other things, the policy on diversity and equality being further extended and strengthened to incorporate very specific and challenging targets. We are continuing to build a balanced succession pool within the Group's Top 800 managers to ensure that potential talents are given every opportunity for development.

The positive evolution in terms of gender equality and diversity within Ageas and the confirmation of this in the EWOB report provides us with encouragement to continue on this path.


* The information regarding Ageas can be found on p 58 of the report.

As an international company, Ageas experiences the positive power of diversity every day. The mix of different personalities, cultures and competences is enriching for the Group and for our employees, as it stimulates creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit. That is why we attach such great importance to creating a working environment in which everyone has the opportunity to develop and grow. It also complements our ambition to be 'A Great place to Grow' for all our employees. We thank European Women on Boards for this great recognition

Hans De Cuyper, CEO Ageas