How AI will change the future of Healthcare and Insurance

"What do we need to do today to ensure we are fit for purpose tomorrow?" - that's the mind-set Ageas is adopting to step into the future of the insurance and healthcare sector.

At yesterday’s Singularity University Chapter event in Lisbon, Steven Braekeveldt CEO of Ageas Portugal together with a panel of Corporate Leaders, Startup Founders and R&D institutions discussed that future, and how Artificial Intelligence (AI) has begun to take a leading role in it. The speakers shared their experiences and discussed challenges that impact healthcare and, more particularly, the enormous potential of AI.

Steven Braekeveldt explained how Ageas is innovating in the insurance and health sector, giving some concrete examples of how AI is used to improve the customer journey or to support medical triage at Médis, daughter company of Ageas and one of the leading healthcare insurers in Portugal. He highlighted some of the challenges and trends that can be expected in the healthcare/insurance sector for the next decade.

The application of AI in the context of health and wellbeing for example is essential to work on prevention, something that was never possible in the past. Findings generated by AI can allow us to create awareness for a healthy lifestyle among patients and customers, and to support them with solutions to increase their quality of live.

For this and many other reasons, Steven Braekeveldt stressed the importance of daring to embrace emerging technologies such as AI, and to use them to transform the healthcare/insurance sector.

As Ageas launched Connect21, its new 3-year strategic plan, it did so mindful of the fact that the world is changing fast thanks to the speed of technological and scientific evolution, the changing nature of risk and the expectations of our customers and other stakeholders. To remain competitive and hyper-relevant in the future Ageas will need to constantly assess, re-evaluate and translate its learnings to new innovative ideas.

In this context, Ageas, through its Portuguese operations, teamed up as founding country partner with Singularity University (SU) in Portugal. SU is a global community using exponential technologies to tackle the world’s biggest challenges.