Press release

Regulated information - Ageas announces new share buy-back programme

Ageas announces the decision of the Board of Directors to initiate a new share buy-back programme[1] of its outstanding common stock for an amount of EUR 200 million[2]. This follows the shareholders' authorisation granted in May 2017.

The share buy-back programme will start on 21 August 2017 and will run up to 3 August 2018.

This programme will be implemented in accordance with industry best practices and in compliance with the applicable buy-back rules and regulations. To this end, Ageas will mandate an independent broker to execute the programme through open market purchases on its behalf on Euronext Brussels.

The bought back shares will be held as treasury shares. Ageas will propose to its shareholders cancellation of all bought back shares, excluding the shares needed to cover share-plans granted to senior management. The share buy-back will not affect the solvency position of the insurance operations.

Ageas will keep the market fully informed of the progress of the transaction in line with applicable regulations.

[1] Ageas has informed the National Bank that this operation can be considered as non-strategic, according to article 36/3 §2 of the law of 22 February 1998 determining the statute of the National Bank of Belgium.

[2] Currently, Ageas owns approximately 4.02% of its own shares. The maximum buy-back of 10% of issued share capital authorized by the shareholders will not be exceeded.