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Trensition raises EUR 1.8 million through Ageas and Capricorn Partners to scale up its AI-driven strategic intelligence platform

Trensition raises EUR 1.8 million through Ageas and Capricorn Partners to scale up its AI-driven strategic intelligence platform

Ageas and the Capricorn Digital Growth Fund have together invested EUR 1.8 million in the Belgian start-up company Trensition, allowing the company to scale up its Trendtracker platform towards a worldwide SaaS offering.

Trensition is a B2B AI-driven strategic intelligence company that has built a platform fuelled by big data and in-house AI models to provide tailored trend insights to corporate clients, government entities and consultants. Since its launch in 2019, Trensition has continued to grow its platform and international customer base, providing AI-driven trend insights.

Capital injection to accelerate growth and further develop capabilities

Trensition is on a mission to bring cutting-edge AI-driven strategic insights into the boardroom of companies. With several large international organisations already using the platform, it has proven to answer a clear market need and is ready to scale up.

This new capital injection will accelerate Trensition’s international growth and enable continuous innovation of its platform's AI capabilities. It will also allow Trensition to expand the team that can bring Trensition to the next level.

Hans De Cuyper, CEO Ageas comments: “Ageas has already relied on Trensition in the context of our annual Group-wide trend scanning exercise, Horizon Scan, mapping trends that will likely impact the insurance sector and allowing Ageas to act quickly and to prepare for the future. Trensition has been a reliable, long-term partner of Ageas, which combined with the increasing importance of strategic intelligence, makes Trensition an extremely attractive investment opportunity. We are looking forward to bringing our partnership to a next level.”

Marc Lambrechts, Investment Director Capricorn Partners says: “Trensition fits perfectly in the ‘from data to actionable insights’ investment thesis of the Capricorn Digital Growth Fund. We appreciate the explainability of the AI-solutions implemented and the broad sector-agnostic potential of the TrendTracker platform, including trends in sustainability. The insights provided are ideal to benchmark with ideas within the organisation of the customer and can avoid internal biases.”

The three founders of Trensition Mike Vanderroost, Vincent Defour (CEO) & Mathias Colpaert comment: “With our AI-driven strategic intelligence platform, branded as Trendtracker, we respond to a growing demand and need from large international corporations to automate and support their strategic planning and/or innovation management efforts. Our solution continuously analyses the evolution of all kinds of trends in various contexts, in a fully automated way, and provides hereupon tailored market, business and strategic insights that help C-level executives to make better informed decisions.”

Capricorn Partners is an independent European manager of venture capital and equity funds, investing in innovative European companies with technology as competitive advantage. The investment team of Capricorn Partners is composed of experienced investment managers with deep technology expertise and a broad industrial experience. Capricorn Partners is managing the venture capital funds Capricorn Digital Growth Fund, Capricorn Sustainable Chemistry Fund, Capricorn ICT Arkiv, Capricorn Health‐tech Fund, Capricorn Cleantech Fund and Capricorn Fusion China Fund. In addition, it is the management company of Quest for Growth, quoted on Euronext Brussels, and the investment manager of Quest Cleantech Fund and Quest+, sub‐funds of Quest Management SICAV, registered in Luxembourg.

Trensition developed an AI-driven strategic intelligence platform, Trendtracker, that supports organisations in taking more informed strategic decisions, continuously. Trendtracker provides companies with a 100% custom and data-based, transparent, and objective view of trends that are coming today, tomorrow and the day after. This includes to what extent and when they will impact their business while taking into account their sector and region. We map out these profound insights based on our proprietary and unique AI-driven algorithms.