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Connect21 strategy


Connect21 Connecting for a better future

For the past decade, Ageas has been growing up. Today we’re a business worth some EUR 9 billion, with 40 million customers in 15 countries across two continents.We are strong and healthy.

A stable mix of Life, Health and Non-Life business, generating strong returns.

And still we grow.

We delivered on Vision 2015 and Ambition 2018.

These plans helped shape the Ageas you see today and the way we conduct our business.

And yet, the world never stops changing.

To stay ahead and remain relevant to our stakeholders, we need to continuously evolve and reinvent ourselves to retain our competitive edge.

Our new 3-year strategic plan builds on the previous ones and reflects our long-term view on insurance as far as 2030. It’s all about achieving this by making even better connections.

That’s why we called it Connect21.


When developing Connect21, we went back to basics. We asked ourselves why and for whom we do what we do best.


Our Group has at its foundation a set of core values. They describe the behaviours and principles that represent who we are and how we work.

Strategic choices

Building on our strengths and adapting to the fast-changing world of insurance, we made clear choices that allow us to respond to future trends and needs.


Staying true to our business model while taking into account future challenges and opportunities, led us to renew and sharpen our financial objectives.

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