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Jane Murphy

Board Member

1967 - Belgian/Canadian - Independant

Jane Murphy holds Masters in Law degrees from the ULB University of Brussels and from Laval University in Canada, as well as a Masters (LL.M) in European and International Law, obtained from the VUB University of Brussels.
After having practised as a lawyer in Canada, Jane Murphy worked as a commercial officer at the Canadian Embassy in Brussels and thereafter as a financial and business consultant in Belgian firms.

She is a member of the Brussels Bar and has been practising as a lawyer in Belgium since 2003. She is specialized in corporate law and advises both Belgian and international clients.
Since 2010, Jane Murphy is an independent non-executive director and member of the Corporate Governance Committee at Elia, the transmission system operator in Belgium and Germany listed on the BEL20 index.

Mandates and positions held


  • Non-executive Member of the Board of Directors
  • Chair of the Remuneration Committee
  • Member of the Nomination and Corporate Governance Committee
  • 2013 - 2024

Other mandates within Ageas

  • Non-executive Member of the Board of Directors of Ageas France

Positions held with other listed companies

  • Non-executive independent Member of the Board of Directors of Elia System Operator SA and Elia Asset SA
  • Non-executive independent director of the Board of Oracle Financial Services Software Limited in Mumbai (as from Feb. 13, 2019)), Oracle Financial Services Software Pte. in Singapore (as from March 15, 2019) and Oracle Financial Services Software BV in Amsterdam (as from March 15, 2019)

Other positions held

  • Vice-President of the Canada-Belgium-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce
  • Founder and Chair of the Board of Directors of European Data Protection Office (EDPO)
  • Managing Director of Jane Murphy Avocat SPRL